Judah 1 is, first and foremost, a ministry. We are supported by the generous contributions that allow us to provide air transportation for our mission, aid, and relief groups. We offer secure giving through PayPal by clicking the “Make a Donation” image or you can send a check or money order to Judah 1, Inc., 3743 Airport Road, Denison, TX 75020.

Did you know it only takes $5.00 to purchase a gallon of fuel? As a part of our “Fly for Five Campaign”, we invite you to purchase a critical gallon of fuel for just $5, helping us to ensure that our aircraft are ready for critical mission flights! Click the Fly for $5 image to support us through Fly for Five!

Kroger Community Rewards® coordinates donations to non-profit organizations of your choice. To choose Judah 1, simply create an online account at Once your account is set up, locate and select Judah 1 in the search bar. Every time you shop for groceries, Kroger donates to Judah 1!

We are one of the millions of the 501(c)(3) organizations that you can support thru Amazon Smile®. Simply go to and choose Judah 1 as your organization. After that, when you purchase items through Smile Amazon, a percentage of the money you spend on eligible products will go to Judah1!


The God Force is a special group of people called to the unreached mission field. We will go wherever and whenever God calls us. We are a people truly committed to fulling the Great Commission!


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