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Judah 1 is, first and foremost, a ministry. We are supported by the generous contributions that allow us to provide air transportation for our mission, aid, and relief groups. We offer secure giving through PayPal by clicking the “Make a Donation” image or you can send a check or money order to Judah 1, Inc., 6139 Amelia Earhart Dr. Shreveport, LA  71109.  


Did you know it only takes $5.00 to purchase a gallon of fuel? As a part of our “Fly for Five Campaign”, we invite you to purchase a critical gallon of fuel for just $5, helping us to ensure that our aircraft are ready for critical mission flights! Click the Fly for $5 image to support us through Fly for Five!


Kroger Community Rewards® coordinates donations to non-profit organizations of your choice. To choose Judah 1, simply create an online account at Once your account is set up, locate and select Judah 1 in the search bar. Every time you shop for groceries, Kroger donates to Judah 1!

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