Westwind N21HR Arrives!

By September 29, 2019 May 5th, 2020 Aircraft

Our third Westwind arrives at KGYI!

Jason and Casey  flew N21HR to a beautiful landing at its home base of KGYI.  The aircraft and crew were greeted by missionaries and partners of Judah 1, all excited about the arrival of our third donated Westwind jet!   This was a great moment for the Judah 1 team seeing the aircraft flying into its home base.  Thank you all so much for believing in the vision and purpose of Judah 1.

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  • Sangir Kapong says:

    Fly on the wings of an eagle and heaven is the limit

  • Ravi Paul says:

    Dear Aaron,

    I congratulate you for this Aviation ministry. Let it grow and expand according to Deutronomy 1:11 ( Thousand fold blessing) in Jesus name.

    Rise Up And Possess .

    One of the central themes of Holy Scripture is that the glory of God will fill the whole earth. According to Paul this is the purpose of the present reign of King Jesus. The Apostle Paul declares in Ephesians 4;10 that Jesus Christ ascended to fill all things. And the way He is going to do it is through His Church.

    From Genesis to Revelation every promise of God is for increase. In fact the blessing of God upon Abraham and his seed is a thousandfold blessing of increase. Increase for our personal lives, increase for our families, increase for our businesses and careers, increase for our ministries and increase for our work together as a Kingdom of until we literally outnumber the wicked and possess the gates of our enemies.

    Our heavenly Father’s will for each one of us as believers is for more…it is for abundance in every area of our lives. His will for us His Church corporately, as the body of His Kingdom purpose, is for us to possess cities and nations, transform economies and cultures, and fill the whole earth with His glory.