Hurricane Relief for Haiti

By August 26, 2021 Disaster Relief

The past month has been busy here at Judah 1 headquarters.  Hurricanes and Earthquakes have recked havoc in Haiti.  Judah 1, Operation Blessing, and Kids Against Hunger are partnering together once again to bring hope to these hurting people.  Together, we can provided more than 145,000 meals, fresh water and hygiene kits for the victims of the these disasters.  Judah 1 will make several flights to the area using the Westwind and our MD 83.  Our fist trip will be for a scouting team to assess the damage and needs of the people.  Other trips will carry Dr.’s, engineers, laborers, and supplies.  Below you will see some pictures from some of our previous relief trips.  

Thank you, God BLESS and remember:

It’s Your Hands

God’s Love

Our Wings!


Everett Aaron