U.S. COVID Travel Rules

Per an order issued by the CDC on January 12, 2021, all air passengers arriving in the U.S. from a foreign country must provide the following documentation before boarding the return flight. If you do not have the below documentation, you will NOT be allowed to board a Judah 1 aircraft.  The Judah 1 team will be checking documentation prior to boarding and will be enforcing these requirements. This is federal law and there are criminal penalties for violating the order. There are also criminal penalties for any passenger willfully giving false or misleading information.

For more information on the order and answers to questions, click here for current information from the CDC.

How this affects Judah 1 passengers

All passengers 5 years old and greater will be required to provide one of two types of documentation before boarding the aircraft.

  1. Documentation showing proof of negative qualifying viral test result (rapid Antigen or PCR) where the specimen was taken within 3 calendar days preceding the flight (Saturday for a Tuesday flight or Monday for a Thursday flight). The test results must contain the passenger’s name and birth date.
    2. Documentation must include sufficient verification information (contact information for the lab or healthcare personnel who performed the test). If the test was brought from the US, the verification information is extremely important.
  2. Documentation showing proof of positive test result and recovery from COVID-19.
    1. Positive test results occurring within the last 90 days. Test results must contain the passenger’s name and birth date.
      2. Proof of vaccine or positive antibody test does not qualify.
    2. Signed letter on official letterhead of a licensed healthcare provider stating that the passenger has been “cleared for travel.” This may not be a form letter from a local health department in response to the positive test result.
  3. Some countries may require proof of the COVID vaccine to enter.  Isreal, for example now requires this and other counties may follow.  Judah 1 CANNOT and WILL NOT violate in country regulations.  We do NOT provide “undercover” flights to avoid government checks.  We will provide information regarding the vaccine requirements on a per trip basis.

If you have any questions about what is required, please don’t hesitate to contact the Judah 1 office.  Judah 1 will provide information on testing sites in the country of departure as it is made available, and/or provide our own testing by our medical team. However, it will always be the responsibility of the missionary to verify this information.  Judah 1 will not be responsible if any passengers are unable to comply with the above documentation requirements before boarding the airplane.  Judah 1 in no way is recommending or condeming getting the vaccine.  The choice is yours and we pray you make that choice prayerfully.