Everett's fascination with aviation began at a very young age and continues to be just one of his many passions today.  A licensed private pilot, Everett is continually studying to improve his aviation skills and upgrade his certificates.  Throughout the years he has combined his technical skills with his everlasting dedication to Jesus Christ, to thrust Judah 1, Inc to the forefront of missionary travel.

Before devoting himself full-time to Judah 1, Inc., Everett served as the Chief Information Officer and Director of IT for several large companies. A film and television production enthusiast, Everett has written two screenplays and created numerous inspirational videos highlighting the many humanitarian and mission projects Judah 1 has led.

Everett and his wife, Kathy, are deeply committed to their four children and growing brood of grandchildren. Everett and Kathy, both ordained ministers, embrace every opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.




Kathy’s desire to help people in need occurred at age 7 when God showed her a vision of children with devastating disabilities. She found she could easily relate to the children because she suffers from scoliosis and arthritis. Her childhood desire to help others led her into a 31-year nursing career. 


With countless hours of community service and mission work, Kathy’s life’s mission is to lay hands on the sick as we are instructed to do.  Her ambition is to reach those in need to be the hands and feet of Jesus. 


Kathy and Everett are deeply committed to their four children and grandchildren. She and Everett are ordained ministers.


Chief Executive Officer

Jaime R. Hernandez

A long-time lover of aviation, the desire to fly began when Jaime R. Hernandez was a child at the San Juan airport.  He was drawn to the activity, specifically around the aircraft he saw.  Born and Raised in Puerto Rico, his life was dedicated to the Lord at the tender age of eleven and even then, he sensed a call to go into the nations.  He had a dream, where saw himself preaching to a multitude of people in English and in the not-so-distant future, he would begin his training to do just that.

In 1986, Jaime joined the United States Air Force where he eventually came to lead a cohesive unit of multiple personnel in three diverse specializations.  He ensured unit readiness for all multinational NATO assigned missions and oversaw resources and equipment valued at more than $14 million dollars while keeping flawless accountability.

With more than 35 years of ministry experience nationally and internationally, more than eighteen years’ experience in organizational development, and several years of non-profit experience, Jamie is knowledgeable in cross-cultural communications, Root Cause Analysis, project management, and Team Building.  With a Master’s degree in Human Services and Executive Leadership from Liberty University combined with his knowledge of aviation, Jaime has developed skills which make him a perfect choice for Chief Executive Officer of Judah 1, INC. 

Jaime and his wife, Bildad are celebrating 36 years of marriage and have two adult children.  A lover of music, Jaime is a percussionist and enjoys all Latin percussion instruments.  He is also a student of communication and studies various languages.  He is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian.




A Kingdom Builder, Melissa’s passion is in laying the foundation of organizations that not only change hearts and minds but change the world. She has been a long-time member of the Judah 1 team, serving in multiple roles, chiefly supporting the Founder of Judah 1 with effective decision-making, project management, and execution of strategic initiatives. Melissa is a gifted mentor and coach and leads teams that produce valuable results for both internal and external customers.


Previous to serving on staff for Judah 1, Melissa founded her own company. This experience instilled in her the desire to take part in missions that change lives. With experience in Project Management, Quality Assurance and Implementations, Melissa is committed to Judah 1’s mission to transport missionaries so they can fulfill God’s Great Commission.



brance hudson

As Chief Financial Officer of Judah 1, INC., Brance Hudson oversees all aspects of the foundation’s finances, including the development and management of budgets, preparation of financial statements and reporting to Judah 1’s Board and to the public. Brance brings to the organization three decades of financial management experience in the private and public sectors, with a focus on developing policies and procedures to improve performance and productivity.

Brance has always had a heart for Christ-centered missions and possesses the attributes fundamental to the characteristics of a Missionary.  Combined with first-hand knowledge of the impact of missions to underdeveloped countries and the understanding of the need in this world for the love of Christ, Brance is the perfect candidate for Chief Financial Officer to Judah 1, INC.

Outside of work, Brance enjoys working out, reading, bicycling and spending time with his wife and family.




Michael is excited about joining the Judah 1 team utilizing his multiple years managing aircraft maintenance and operations. His involvement as an elder and deacon in the church, as well as serving homeless ministries through the years has led him to understand the physical and ministerial needs that exist. These experiences drive his passion for serving the Lord and people around the world in his support of the Judah 1 mission.

His business background managing large aviation-related operations serving both commercial air carriers and military operators gives Mike a well-rounded background in aviation maintenance-related operations, planning, execution, program management, contracts and budgets to support the Judah 1 mission.




Ray’s passion is to demonstrate that Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever and that nothing is impossible for the One who gives life and gave His life for us. Ray is an Army veteran with military police experience, including team leader for nuclear site recovery operations. After his honorable discharge he served as a police officer in Maine for many years reaching the rank of Sergeant. Most recently he has been working as a regional manager for a private security company based in Tennessee, providing expertise in the private and public sector.


Ray has extensive training in the fighting arts, close quarter combat (armed & unarmed encounters), and specializes in executive and dignitary protection. His hobbies revolve around enjoying the great outdoors with his dogs, horses, and family.

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Bill soloed and obtained his Private Pilot Certificate in the summer of 1970. The following summer he obtained his Commercial Pilot and his Certified Flight Instructor Certificates. He then began instructing students at several local airports while attending the University of Tulsa. After obtaining his BS degree in 1973, he was employed by the Spartan School of Aeronautics as a Flight and Ground Instructor. In 1976 he was offered a job as an instructor at the Beech Training Center. Bill taught both ground and flight curriculums for all the Beech products. Bill also taught all the courses in Spanish to Spanish speaking customers. He travelled extensively in South and Central America demonstrating Beech products and training pilots.


Bill was appointed as a Designated Pilot Examiner by the FAA and administered many check-rides to Beech customers. In 1990 Bill left Beech and became Chief Pilot for a large corporation that operated several airplanes including two Beech Starships in Milwaukee, WI. In 1993 Bill returned to Tulsa, OK and became a contract corporate, charter pilot and instructor flying and instructing in many different aircraft types. Bill has flown over 160 different makes and models of aircraft and is type rated in 12 different Aircraft. He has been flying for 50 years and has over 18,000 hours with 9,000 hours of dual given

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Alan grew up in the church thanks in part to a father who served as a worship leader and grandparents who were deeply involved in church administration. He volunteers as IT support and as an event photographer for several churches in the Cheyenne, Wyoming and Fort Collins, Colorado area. He has a heart for missions and would eventually like to work with missionaries in Japan.


Before joining the Judah 1 team in 2019, Alan worked for a large satellite communications company as an IT Systems Engineer and for several Part 121/135 airlines as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Reliability Analyst, CASS Analyst, Database Administrator, and later CASS/Quality Assurance Manager. Alan currently holds FAA Airframe and Powerplant, FCC General Radiotelephone Operator, and IOSA Conformance Auditor certificates.

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Biography coming soon!